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Policy Covers

The Essential Core Cover

Public / Products Liability

Limit of Indemnity £5,000,000 Financial Loss Included up to £500,000 (increased to £1m for BPCA members) No Excess - all claims will be paid in full without the need for you to contribute.

Public / Products Liability

Limit of Indemenity £500,000

Legal Expenses

up to a limit of £100,000 (including free legal helplines)

Employers Liability

Employers' Liability Insurance is a statutory requirement if any person is employed by the business whether full time, part time or even as casual labour.

A £10,000,000 limit of indemnity is provided and the flexibility of our rating means that we can price according to risk and frequency of labour utilised.

Property Insurance

Any assets owned by the business can be insured against loss or damage:

  • Buildings
  • Stock
  • Machinery / Tools
  • Office Contents
  • Cover is provided on an "All Risks" basis and is subject to £250 excess

Hired in Plant

Under this section we can provide cover for any items of plant that you may hire in the course of your business.

The premium is based on your estimated hiring charges and will often work out cheaper than paying the levy to the hire company.

Personal Accident

For any self-employed pest control contractor the worst scenario is having an accident and not being able to work. The loss of income during an enforced period off work can be damaging, personal accident insurance can plug this gap and give you peace of mind should the worst happen.

Limits of cover can be chosen and the premium will differ accordingly.

Directors & Officers

Running a company is an onerous business and frought with legislation. In recent times we have seen an increasing number of claims being made personally against Directors as a result of breaches in Health & Safety and Employment Law.

Directors & Officers Liability is an insurance to protect the personal wealth of individual Directors within the business.

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